Help streaming music using Twonky and Panasonic TV

I was looking for some help on this topic.  I know this has been discussed historically, but I don’t seem to able to get it to work using the various suggested fixes.

My WD mybooklive runs Twonky  5.1.9.  I am attempting to stream to my Panasonic Viera TV. 

What I  want to do is play the music files as they are ordered on the original album which is the same as how they are ordered in the folder if accessed through the PC.  

However this is not the case when I try and stream the files as follows:-

I access the music through the ‘Folder’ view on the Panasonic TV interface, selecting the artist folder then the album folder.  It is at this point I discover the music files are ordered alphabetically rather than in the order they should appear.

I have tried the fix that is listed here:-

What I have done is find the container under:-

<container name=‘folder’ id=‘music/folders’

I have changed the entry from:-


container buildon=‘res’ sortcriteria=’+pv:numberOfThisDisc, +upnp:originalTrackNumber’ createClass=‘object.item.audioItem.musicTrack’ class=‘object.container.storageFolder’ />

However it has had no impact.  I have restarted and re-applied the service but to no effect.

If anyone can point out what I am doing wrong, or where else I need to make changes to the twonky settings I would be most grateful. 

I am very surprised Twonky haven’t supplied a fix to this, but I guess that is a different topic.  Thanks all.

That’s DLNA for you. Most meta-data fields are not used.

Rename the actual files with numbers at the begining signaling the track number. You can use “MP3TAG” for a batch.