Twonky server and WD MyCloud

Hi, I’m trying to delete some playlists on Twonky Server dashboard, I found them in “Music, Playlist”, but there are no options to delete. I’m using Windows 7 pc.
Can you help me, please ? Thank you.

You will probably need to use your file manager (Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder) to locate the playlist file (.m3u) and delete it. Generally the video, music and photo option in the Twonky Server My Library section is only for playing media not for managing (deleting) it.

On a side note, there are generally much better ways to play the media that Twonky has scanned than using Twonky’s Server web page. For example, one can use a DLNA client to play the Twonky scanned media.

Thanks for your help Bennor. Best regards