Deleting files from Twonky Media Server

Good morning, everyone…

I recently purchased a MBL 2 TB drive and have started ripping my cd collection to create a jukebox. I have been uploading all of my files via FTP. While doing this, it seemed at one point that my files weren’t being upload. So I uploaded an album several times. When I went into the shard library in Window Media Player, I have some files that were upload to unknown albums and dupes of one or two album (filled with multiple copies of songs). I figured I could just change what was on the drive. But after doing so, they were still there. Seems the files are still being listed on the Twonky Media Server.

I have not update Twonky as I’m still on 5.1.9. and am quite new to all this. Is there a way to access the Twonky Server and clean off the erroneous files. Going to the config screen doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and help. It’s much appreciated.


Greg Krywusha

Generally all you should have to do is rebuild the database from the Twonky Web UI.  

You’re saying that didn’t work, either?

Hey Tony,

Thanks for the reply. No…rebuilding still shows artists/albums that are not listed anymore on my MBL. If they are there, they are somewhere else and not in the share area I created. I’m trying to see if there’s a way of deleting these at the twonky side as I don’t know how to see them on the MBL. They do have an address for downloading them in Properties, but I don’t know where it’s looking. Is there any way of mandating twonky to only look in one area?

I’m at a loss. I was doing fine til this one mistake.

Thanks again.

Greg K.

Twonky will, by default, include everything in the PUBLIC share.

It will also include any shares that you marked as “Media” in the Web UI.