Music Not Found


I’m currently uploading all 500gb of my music. When i look at the drive on the network, i have all music from A-T, however, when i look via Windows media, or through a UPNP player on android, i can only see music from Numbers - A, with a few random other ones. Why would this be? Do the songs need to be indexed or something first?

Which media server are you using on the MBL?  Twonky, or WD’s?

im using twonky - thats just what was set up when i plugged it in.

Browse to the Twonky server directly and see whatit shows there.

sorry, im new to networking so really not 100% what you mean by this.

when i go to file explorer, under my computer, i see the folders split out by artist, genre etc, this shows only the few artists. If i view in the file explorer from network, i can see everything