Streaming Media across a network

I recently bought a MBL 2TB and set it up at home. It’s working fine and I can mount the drive on various PCs in the house. I’ve been streaming music and video from my laptop across the network using Twonky for a while now and bought the MBL to cut out the need for running a PC as well.

The problem I’m having is that my stand alone music player, and other machines on the network can’t stream from the MBL. They can only mount the drive and play directly from there. This is fine for the laptop but my stereo, a Philips Streamium MCi 730, can only stream from UPNP sources.

I have Twonky installed, updated and enabled on the MBL and everything is stored in public folders so it’s showing up when a PC mounts the folders through the network. The problem seems to be when looking for the MBL as a UPNP source I can’t see it on any device.

I know that this kind of streaming is possible with my network set up because I can stream to the stereo from my PC running Twonky. Has anyone any ideas what might be causing this?


Ok, just to be clear:

You have twonky “INSTALLED?”  You mean you installed your OWN version of Twonky?

If that’s not what you meant, then did you make sure you enabled MEDIA STREAMING on the particular share you copied your media to?

Try logging into the Twonky Control Panel and make sure that IT can see your media.

Sorry for the confusion. I’ve done nothing special to the drive, so it’s all standard stuff.

I’ve checked all everything a few times at this stage. Twonky on the MBL can see all the files I’ve put there and in the MBL UI the public share (where everything is located) is serving all media types and has remote access turned on as well.