90% of my music missing

I received my new MBLD 6TB last Friday. First, I upgraded the firmware to 02.40.06-048. I have now finished copying almost 2TB of media from my old 2TB MB Essential and am now checking out the performance. I have about 7,500 songs in FLAC format on the  MBLD (they have all copied over OK), but when I look in the library using various DLNA players, including a WDTV-Live, most of of the music is missing. There are only 595 of the 7500 songs.

Why has this problem occurred, and how do I fix it? BTW, I have been using Twonky Server & Twonky Manager for about three years, and haven’t seen this problem before.

I just did a database rebuild and now have 5330 songs found by the DLNA players. I didn’t think a rebuild was necessary, as earlier today I had converted the storage option from raid1 mode to spanning mode, and I thought that had done a rebuild, but it obviously didn’t.

Rebuild your MBLD database and restart.

I have now rebuilt the database and restarted as suggested.

Now I have 5330 songs, which is probably correct (not 7500 as in my first post).

However, I now have lots of problems.  Looking at the tree, with various DLNA players, which all report the same thing:

a) The Artist Index view only has one folder - ABC, the ABC folder only has two entries. - there should be lots.

b) The Genre view only has 3 genres - there should be lots.

c) The Artis/Album view only has 3 folders. If I open one of those folders, only two folders (albums) are displayed when there should be four.

d) The folder view is ok - a quick (non-thorough) look appears normal.

I have examined the meta data tags on a few of the missing tracks/albums, and all seems correct.

Any suggestioins please?

I have done yet another rebuild/restart.

Now the various folder views seem OK.

I don’t know why a further rebuild wass necessary. This all seems rather hit & miss.