Firmware 01.02.03

I just got an update to my book live, what is the changelog as it is not updated on the page yet?

Nifty.  That’s a whole Minor Version jump…  It’s probably fairly substantial.

Release notes will probably be online later today…

Updated mine after seeing this, thanks for the heads-up.  :)

Upgrade went smoothly, unlike the previous versions.  Hopefully those issues are fixed now.

Here’s the RN’s:

They say:

  Resolved Twonky rescan progress indicator does not stop

• Resolved Twonky rebuild progress indicator does not stop

• Resolved error message displays if less than 3 DNS servers are configured for a static network

• Resolved brief loss of network connection which may occur in some cases when copying large amounts of data

• Resolved issue that does not remove multiple shares from a user

hmmm, maybe this will solve my problem. 
I have 30,000 songs or so and it would always stop at 20,038 songs. 

I’ll try when i get home tonight :slight_smile:

I let it recan my drive for my music and it still gives me only about 20,000.  It actually is stuck at 20 or so less. 

Does anyone else have this problem with the twonky service?

for my computer i just mapped the drive and then added the music in wmp12 that way but I would like to be able to stream my music that way it doesn’t have to add all the music to every computer.


How have you saved all your 30,000 tracks. Are they in album folders or are they all in one folder.

I have two main folders, separated by where I got the music from, such as one is from CDs.

All of them have their own artist, then albums, then the songs.

The drive has actually synced the playlist to my PC. and then as soon as it appears mostly, it starts disappearing.  it doesn’t make much sense.

I just accessed twonky on port 9000.

It is saying it still searching but it has not added any music.  I have tried researching and resetting the drive’s twonky.

Sadly now at all I can’t get the shares to come up on WMP12. Come to think of it, I think I haven’t since the new firmware update.

Yeah, this upgrade went much better than the first one!

I did get one “Communications Failure” but when I did the procedure again, it downloaded OK and installed and rebooted OK.  I’ve now set the automatic update to run at 3am daily so maybe that will help…

the HumpMan