Playlist Twonky Server

I created a .m3u playlist using VLC from songs on the MyCloud Shared Music, folder and saved the Playlist in the Shared Music Folder.

I can not get Twonky to see the playlists or any songs on the playlist.

How do I get playlist into Twonky Server so music can be played and the music streamed from the MyCloud drive.


So I have a Playlist folder with 0 items showing on Twonky server.

I used VLC to create a M3U file that is in my Shared Music Public Folder.

How do I get Twonky to show that Playlist call Dixie Chicks so I can stream the Playlist.

Probably an issue with the path to the FLAC file. Possibly the use of %20 for spaces or missing / or \ at the leading edge of the file path. No issues here with Playlists, just have to make sure to use the correct file path. Examples:

I use Windows Media Player to create my playlist and I haven’t had any problems.

So here is the playlist I made with VLC in the Shared Music folder.

Twonky is not seeing it.

And if it does it is shows no songs.

What is wrong with it. It does not look like yours.

Magically, the above showed up and I am able to stream the playlist.

Have no idea why it suddenly showed up.

When does Twonky actually update itself.

The Crow playlist played perfectly.

Thank you,

Well something is not quite right. I added another m3u playlist saved it, same as above, and it is not showing up in the Twonky server, Crowe Playlist 2CD. For whatever reason the First Playlist only showed 1/2 of the songs.

So I do not know why Twonky server is not catching these playlists.


So you are right in your earlier post, Twonky playlist does not like %20. Did a find and replace with a space, and playlist is recognized. Why is VLC creating m3u files with %20 instead of spaces?

You may also have to tell Townky to rescan for new content after creating the playlist file otherwise it may not see the new playlist file.

There is this discussion over on the VLC forum that talks about playlist encoding issues:

Personally I typically use MP3Tag to generate playlists the few times I use them.