Twonky Problems

I have installed the wdmycloudex4 and everthing is working except one thing. And that is when I open the Twonky every video and all the music is seen. That is the Server side of Twonky.

But there dosen’ seem to be a way to access the Twonky Manager to create a playlist. The Twonky website only lists the download - Twonky Manager and server for PC. Manager only is not listed.

Does anyone know how to access the Twonky Manager? Do you have to buy it or is it in the mycloud?


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I took one look at Twonky and ran in the other direction.  PLEX media server seems vastly more polished.  I do want to follow this thread and see what it takes to get Twonky to do what you need. 

ex4 has twonky server


so type your http:// and then your ex4 ip address then  :9000

 to manage which media gets listed, goto settings, and then choose the folders you want it to scan

and choose options between “video only” “music and video” and etc etc

I do however very much agree with previous poster that PLEX media is more polished

and it’s much better solution for your media.


if you have smart tv PLEX is supported

twonky, not likely.

I have an LG smart TV, Twonky works just fine.  I stream to my TV from my EX2 all the time.

To explain things more clearly.

The Twonky streams nicely to the TV, PC and The Google TV.

The problem is at the:

  1. when streaming to the tv (i have a 65" samsung) you open the smart hub and i can find the music and video files but the interface for the streaming is really bad. I can even play the files but the tv has no means to fast forward, etc. and i can’t find an app that will work with the samsung tv or i am not seeing one.

  2. when streaming to the google tv i can use or purshase an app that will let me create playlists, pause, stop, etc.

  3. for the pc i can just click the movie on the server and the movie or music will play - it opens in windows media player, and i can then use the windows player to pause stop etc. but it is also not the best interface.

the big one is the tv the 

I am still looking

The problem is with the streaming app on the TV then.  I say this because using my LG smart TV I can stream any movie, music, etc. from the WD ex2 AND I can pause, fast fwd, rewind, etc. without any problems.  Again, this sounds like a problem within the app loaded onboard the TV and not a problem with your WD device.

** Please Note ** I have the EX2 not the EX4 so I suppose the problem you describe could be unique to the EX4.  If some of the other EX4 users would chime in it would be helpful.

I am sure the problem is at the TV samsung smart hub uses allshare but the interface is crappy. I have emailed samsung to see if there is any thing else i can do.

its the interface at the tv

thanks for the reply


I’m sure you’ve tried this already but does your TV remote control streaming playback?  Also, does Samsung offer a smartphone app that might control streaming for your TV?

I have a “dumb tv” a 13" black and white TV that uses a vice grip to change the channels and a coat hanger for OTA antenna.  with  a cheap $50 roku box running the PLEX channel i’m able to flawlessly browse and stream all the content on my EX4.  

Good luck with your “smart” TV.