Twonkey Settings

Ive been using this junk for 2 years, drive updated a few times, luckly I didnt need to make any changes.

Today I bought another EXE 2 Ultra as a replacement for a 2 year old drive, used a lot for media streaming. Its called JohnsPlaceTwo

So setup this new drive as JohnsPlaceFour

Well all setup ok, made the chared folders, same as old drive, then copied about 50 media files into two folders “Action” and “Comedy”

Well a few years back you installed Twonky and it already had your shared folders, but not anymore. So I look at old drive and find the location as “/Action” and “/Comedy”

If I click the browse button on my old drive it shows all my shared folders…

So Im sure when I added some things into the “Action” folder Townkey did find them, well after added some more into the “Comedy” folder Twonky seams to have lost my files,

Tried a restart server, re booted drive, same, it can no longer find the folders or files

So I clicked the browse once more but now im at the root of the drive, I couls see a share folder so selected it and all my shared folders inside, I select “Action” and once more Twonkey starts indexing the files.

So before on 3 drives “/Action”
New Drive “/Shared/Action”

Did it suppose to do this, where as before if Twonkey updated it used my settings, but now on a fresh install its diffrent set up?

Now the TV, all my old drives were set for “Video” only and “Folder” so when seen on TV I see “Videos” > “All Videos” > "By Folder

When I select by folder, I see all my shared folder names, but now while it shows the same layout, when I select "By Folder"n I get all video files, cannot see my shared folder names at all,

So 2 things wrong on a new install
1, Path changed in Twonkey “/Shared/Action” before “/Action”
2, Cannot see folder (Shared names) on TV

I had both drive 2 and new drive on screen side by side looking at settings, in the end did a factory restore and this time made just 2 shared folders with only 6 files in them

Also found the “Hostxxx” forget its name, its the name of the server, the box was empty, so copied same name into it.

So Im thinking its 4am, Ive had enough, so its on its way back to store for refund, unless I can find an answer, I wont buy another, have contacted WD

But Im wondering if you have one of these what is in your Location for the Townkey Browse, does it have “/Shared/YourName” or “/YourName” sorry might be \ not / I forgot and drives at sleep

This seams to be a new install problem?

Hi @John_Eley,

Please refer to the article My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings:

If it dont work out of the box its faulty. Dont except these things.

Returned for refund after trying things for 4 days.

No thanks WD, you support the apps you provide, this drive is listed as being able to stream video.

It could not, return

WD , 20 years a customer, not anymore you lost me the moment you said you dont support the items provided in your drive.

I would tell everyone the same, don’t waste time, if it dont work out of the box with all fuctions that its listed as doing, return for refund