Two MyCloud servers in Plex and no data in Plex after upgrading from OS3 to OS5

Hi guys,

I have recently upgrade my PR2100 from OS3 to the OS5 (5.15.106). I have done everything right following the instructions and the upgrade was successful and i am able to access my data through web and app. Main reason i have pr2100 is running plex. So after that i installed plex media server as described in Plex instructions (PlexMediaServer- There were no errors with the installation of PMS. Then i opened plex and what i found was nothing. It seems that the migration of my plex data wasn’t successful and all plex data were missing.

Also, something really strange was happened to the mycloudpr2100 server in plex. Plex now shows me 2 servers - one unavailable and one available.

Can’t tell where the problem is (mycloud or plex) but guys where are my plex data?

I’m really frustrated!

Please fix that now.

Looks like Plex created a new Server for some reason.
The Data that Plex indexes reside on the HDD and not inside of Plex so the quick solution is to create a new Plex Library on the new server.

Thank you for the quick response but losing all my data and start all over again by creating a new plex library is not an appropriate solution for me.

From my investigation, this is because the /mnt/HD/HD_a2/.systemfile/OS3_Apps_Backup/Nas_Prog/ folder was not present after upgrading from OS3 > OS5 so PMS created a new server.