Trying to resurrect My Cloud EX4 - Power? HD Fail

Hello. I bought a used My Cloud EX4 off of EBay a while back (4-5 years?). I hardly used it - maybe connecting once. I know would like to connect it to my Mac (Sonoma 14). I believe I misplaced the Power adaptor. I plugged in a 12vX 5W Max Power adapter I had lying around (HOIOTO). The EX4 powered up - all was blue - went through HD checks and the it went red - all HDs failed. I hardly used the EX4 and it was sitting formant for a long time. Is this a power issue? I saw a post stating that the EX4 needed something like 95 Watts. If not the PS did all my HDs die just siting there?

Also since I’m newbie again - I tried connecting to the EX4 using the web logon - but I suppose since my HDs failed it didn’t work. Is there an App for MacOSX - Mac silicon I can install?

I will keep looking for the PS but if you guys can make any recommendations on why HDs failed - is it Power or did they just die?

Also any tips/apps help in getting the EX4 up and running on my Mac if I can get the HDs to pass.


I found this on WD support page for PS

|WD My Cloud EX4|My Cloud EX4|19 Volts
4.74 Amps
90 Watts|
| — | — |

I thought somewhere it said 12 Volt supply

It was PS. I found a mini computer PS (19VX6.32A - a bit more than that is required but it works.

Now I can’t seem to get into the EX4. It won’t show on network. I used the website login from how to guide:


that doesn’t work.

I used the setup website:
doesn’t work.

Is there a SW App I can install to access EX4?

I finally got into my EX4. I reset the Admin PW with a 4 second reset.

I finally got into the Dashboard - everything looks okay.

Can I still update the EX4? My firmware is 2.12.127, When I click on the firmware tab it says it couldn’t find the network server. I know support was shutdown. Can you perform a offline update for the EX4?

Also what about the OS? I saw a link to update to OS 5 offline.

Okay manually updated FW to 2.13.108. Reading further it seems like EX4 does not support new OS 5. Is the true - or has this changed?

Hi @oharag,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: