Power Supply for My Cloud EX4


Can anyone help me find a 2nd power supply adapter for the My Cloud EX4 system?  I have been all over the web and WD.com but I can’t find a match.  I found an adapter/product matrix chart, but the listing under EX4.
Under Original (Shipping) Adapter Type, it list the specs as:
19 Volts
4.74 Amps
90 Watts

In the next column,  Currently Shipping Compatible Adapter , it is listed as N/A.  One of the main reasons I purchased the EX4 is for redundancy.  Does anyone know what the part number is, who to contact or where to go to get information?  I am pulling my hair out on this one.


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

On this case i suggest contacting support so they can help you out on this matter and give you the correct information:




I had the same issue. I simply bought this universal Laptop Power supply on Ebay Insignia NS-PWLC591

Works like a charm. I was able to fail over power supplies without an issue…

Same specs as recommended by WD .
19V / 4.74 A / 90W

Hope this helps.