My Cloud EX4 Upgrade and Responsiveness

My EX4 is functional and with 4 drives for 12TB (6TB with RAID, —is configured). It seems like I would need My Cloud Home Duo with 2 6TB drives to replace and get she same protection and usable space. Do I have another option that could use my current drives and support OS5?

When I connect via wireless it seems slow and always has. It is much faster to work via internet connectivity. Local connections fail often and respond times are way to long.

Will the upgrades work better and faster? My internet is good and can be up to a gigabit so not thinking that is the issue.

Why do we need to wait until Jan to get the discount on upgrading? I also think 40% or 50% discount are in order under these circumstances. I want faster and better sooner than later.

Recommendations and options would be greatly appreciated.

If your EX4 is functional and still fulfilling your needs why do you want to replace it? What features are you looking for in OS5 that you are not getting on the EX4? Remote access? If you need remote access there are other options (VPN for example) you can setup to access your EX4 once WD terminates OS3 support.

The My Cloud Home line is not comparable to the My Cloud line of devices. The My Cloud Home has a different operating system, it does not support OS5, and has its own set of issues and problems as evidenced by the complaints about the My Cloud Home devices in the My Cloud Home subforum (

If you really want to stay with WD you can see the list of OS5 supported devices at the following link to see if there is a OS5 supported model that is comparable to your EX4 that has the features/options you want.

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices

Otherwise you can (and should) look at other vendors like Synology and Qnap for network attached storage devices that are comparable to the EX4 and have the features/options that you are looking for.