Trouble with Windows Thunderbolt drivers

I’m trying to connect a G-Drive via Thunderbolt in Windows 7. The Thunderbolt utility tells me that the drive is connected but I cannot mount it. I’ve installed (I think) all appropriate drivers and have tried several restarts but the drive is still not mounting, it’s not even viewable in Disk Management. Has anyone else managed to mount a drive via Thunderbolt in Windows?


If you indeed have the G-Drive w/ Thunderbolt then you need to install these drivers: G-Drive w/ Thunderbolt drivers

There are two folders of drivers within, make sure you use the G-DRIVE labeled ones. That should be the only thing necessary for recognition of the hardware. After that you’ll still need to go through the format process to get it to be usable on Windows. Formatting the drive for use on Windows

Thanks for your reply Rydia, I think I’ve got those drivers already installed. The drive is Mac formatted but I’ve got MacDrive installed - is that maybe where my problem is?

Macdrive wouldn’t be a problem. It helps if you don’t want to go through the formatting process. But it wouldn’t stop you from being able to recognize the drive.

Does the device show in Device Manager as needing drivers?