GDrive won't Daisy Chain as Thunderbolt. Works as USB

I have a GDrive (10TB) that refuses to mount as a Thunderbolt drive when chaining it with my other GDrive (which mounts fine). It also does not mount as a Thunderbolt drive when plugged directly into the MacbookPro. It DOES mount as a USB drive (when I plug the cable into the USB port on the drive), but will not appear as a thunderbolt. I think the ports are dead? Is this fixable?

For troubleshooting purposes, I have two other 10TB GDrives that mount as Thunderbolt drives with no problem. Additionally, those two drives allow me to daisy chain them as well.

Also, this drive USED to mount as Thunderbolt. It just doesn’t any longer.

The one thing that isn’t clear is the cable you are using… ie the two other drives that mount no problem… are they using the same cable as the drive that won’t mount ? That’s the last troubleshooting I can suggest before contacting Support - just to be sure it’s not a cable issue - , and then you may need to RMA the drive…

Good point. While I did not mention it, I did actually purchase new cables and re-tested everything and can confirm, the problem is apparently with the drive itself. Interestingly enough, in the last week, another of the working drives has randomly unmounted when connected as Thunderbolt, only to re-mount a couple of moments later. So frustrating.