3 G-DRIVEs Daisy Chain Issue - PLEASE HELP ME

I’m hoping this is simple because it’s a big issue in my head right now.

I just returned from a quick errand and my iMac showed all 3 of my G-DRIVES ejected.

I cannot get it or my MacBook Pro to recognize them now.

There is a 4TB, 8TB, and 8TB daisy chained with a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 converter, all Apple Official Product cable.

The Gs are all lit up but they’re all nearly silent now.

Update: I rewired the order

from 4TB > 8TB > 8TB

to 8TB > 8TB > 4TB and both of the 8TBs show up now but not the 4TB.

Does this mean the 4TB is dead?

If they are all TB equipped drives then it should work.

Does the 4TB work when attached directly to the computer?

The 4TB was first in the chain from the iMac. All 3 drives showed as ejected which I assume means the 4TB died and the others lost connection due to being second and third in the chain. When plugged directly it does not mount. When the 8TBs are direct they immediately mount and when the 4TB is third it still won’t.

It’s only 5-months old so this is odd to me. Due to their high heat I have them horizontally mounted and it concerns me for the longevity of the other two.

If the 4TB does not show up in Disk Utility as an unmounted drive at all then the issue would be a hardware one. Have you tried attaching it via USB instead of TB to see if it mounts?

If it has failed then you can generate an RMA on our website for replacement under warranty.

RMA Creation

OK! Thank you for this information and your assistance, Rydia. No, it won’t connect and is not visible in disk utility. I will file for a replacement per your recommendation.

It’s wild to me that the product is dead after 5 months of limited use and consumers are not provided with prepaid shipping. Paying higher prices for quality products should not result in such experiences.