G- Drive 4TB Thunderbolt 3 failure

I have a brand new G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 4TB. I got it less than a month ago. I have LOTS of unbacked up VALUABLE video files on it. It seems to have failed. It is turned on. Not recognized by my iMac and Mac Pro. What can I do? Any hope of retrieving my valuable files?

Have you tried it on USB as well to see if you get any better results? Also make sure you check Disk Utility if it is no longer mounting and verify that there is recognition at all there.

If it shows in Disk Utility when you have the view set to "Show all devices’ but it isn’t mounted then it is due to software corruption and there is a change the data is still intact.

Did you erase the drive as an ExFAT volume or did you leave it as Mac formatted like it was out of the box?

If you left it Mac formatted you could use Disk Warrior to rebuild the drive, it has the best possible chance at doing so with corrupted Mac drives.

Thank you, Rydia. No, it is not working with USB either. It is not recognized by Disk Utility OR Disk Warrior, unfortunately!

I don’t recollect whether I reformatted. If I did I did as a Mac format.

I am sending to a data recovery service to see if they can retrieve the data. I REALY hope so.

I want to send the drive in for a replacement. I hope it will still be covered by warranty after the data service retrieval.



Yes the data recovery process does not void warranty. You can send it in for replacement when you’re ready You can create an RMA on our website here: RMA creation

Hi there, I was having a similar issue but in my case USB works. Now the reason why I bought the disc is the thunderbolt speed, so I really need to find a solution. Any ideas?