G RAID with Thunderbolt will not mount

I have been backing up all my data on my G RAID and suddenly it won’t mount on either my MacBook Pro or IMac. Both are running Sierra. I have video files on there that I need for a project that I’m on deadline to complete. I bought a RAID because I thought it would be more secure than my Lacie drives, but those have not failed me and now this is. Please help. Thank you.

Did you change the RAID of the device to RAID1 mirror at any point or did you leave it as it was out of the box? Out of the box there is no protection so if a drive fails it will no longer be usable.

Also is this the unit with only Thunderbolt or does it also have USB ports? If it has USB ports try and attach it that way as well just in case. First thing to check is make sure you are using the correct power adapter, it needs to be 12v and 4amps. Next thing to check is the Disk Utility to see if it shows up there.

If it does not show in Disk Utility and you change the view box to “show all devices” and you have verified the correct power adapter then it would be a hardware related issue and you would likely need to look into data recovery. You can also call us and speak with support directly. 888.426.5214 for the US

I did not change the RAID to Raid 1 mirror. I left it as it was out of the box and just partitioned a majority for Mac and a part for FAT 32.

Thunderbolt and USB. I tried to connect it both ways.

Using the 12 v 4amps power adapter that came with the drive and that I’ve been using all along.

In Disk Utility, it shows the G-RAID as connected, but the actual drive with all my media (JEJ_RAID_1_2017) shows as “not mounted.” Please see attached screen shots.

What do I do to be able mount the drive and preserve the data?



You will need to run a repair utility on it such as Disk Warrior. It has the best chance at being able to rebuild the corruption on the volume that is causing it to not mount.