G RAID Revs Up Flashes White But Won't Mount


The drive revs up and flashes white when I boot my Mac Pro running Sierra but won’t mount.

Shut down the computer…the G Raid drive shuts down too…Boot the computer again…the G Raid responds accordingly but still does not mount

Any suggestions why?



Have you checked the Disk Utility to see if the drive is being recognized there? If the drive shows there but is grayed out then the issue is likely with software corruption on the drive and it will need to be cleaned before it will mount again. You can do this by erasing the drive thus cleaning the corruption but it will remove all content or you can attempt repairing it with a 3rd party software such as Disk Warrior.

If it does not show at all in Disk Utility than it is a hardware related issue and the device will likely need to be replaced. Also verify your power adapter specs. The output for most of our G-RAIDs except the newest Thunderbolt 3 model is 12v and 4a. Make sure you are using that.


Hi Rydia

Thanks for your reply!

It did finally mount but only after I booted down the computer, unplugged the AC adapter from the drive, ejected one of the drives and reinserted it, then rebooted the computer, turned on the G Raid and it went into a rebuild mode.

After it mounted, it showed an error message which stated to backup the data and to avoid copying any data to the G Raid.

The light on the front of the drive is solid white.

I can access its contents.

It’s a RAID 1 configuration.

What do you recommend?

Thanks again,

Marc A. Gallo

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Now that is has been recognized and it is accessible. It is recommended to transfer any data you have on it off like it says and then to use the configurator to set it back up as a RAID1 with the configurator to reset it.


Thanks Rydia

I successfully backed up the data.

I ran Disk Utility and it failed.

It stated, “File system check exit code is 8.” See attached.19%20AM

Also, the drive failed to remount.

What does this error code mean?

Is this a hardware or software problem?

What would you recommend?

Thanks again,


Erase the drive, not repair it. First Aid on the Mac OS is unfortunately very weak and never really accomplishes anything. The way to clear corruption would be to just erase it by Erasing the drive in Disk Utility.

If you cannot get it to Erase then it could be a hardware related issue and you would need to do an RMA to get a replacement.

RMA Creation


Hi Rydia

I successfully erased and reformatted the drive. Now, it appears to be behaving as expected.

I even checked it with Disk Utility and it passed.

Is there any possibility the data I backed up is also corrupted?

I did run Disk Utility on the back up drive and it passed.

Let me know and thanks for all your help throughout this ordeal.



Usually its the partition that gets the corruption, sometimes the files can remain but its not common. You would need to scan like you’ve done or perhaps with another software such as Disk Warrior like mentioned in a previous post.


Thanks again Rydia

Marc A. Gallo

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