4TB GDrive TB3 no longer recognized iMac

Used to work fine but no longer recognized. Doesn’t show up in Disk Utility. My other 2 Macs don’t have TB so no way to test with those machines. Help!

You can also attach it with USB on your other Macs. If you have a G-DRIVE w/ TB3 as you mentioned then it has a single USB 3.1 type C on the back and we included a cable that goes from C to A so it can work in older machines.

Completely forgot about the USB option. Okay, didn’t recognize the drive on the new iMac via USB but my mid 2010 MacBook Pro (OS 10.13.5) sees it. Any ideas?

There is possibly an issue with the new Mac if both TB3 and USB 3 aren’t working. You can contact Apple to see if they can assist with a diagnostic test. You can also attempt your own fixes by resetting the SMC and NVRAM. Resetting the SMC

Thanks. After a restart, it worked via USB (still not thunderbolt).

Reset the SMC and NVRAM but still no TB3 (USB 3 is working). Is this drive not fully compatible with TB3?

It is fully compatible with TB3 as long as you’re using the TB3 cable that has a lightning bolt on it and plugging into a TB port on the computer.

If it isn’t working and you’ve verified those then the interface could have failed and you’d need a replacement. You can generate an RMA on our website here: RMA creation

Curious, I have the same issue. TB1 to the TB on the iMac is not functioning… and no USB on the drive. I know its the iMac Thunderbolt adapter that is the issue, but can you add an adapter on the TB1 to TB on the iMac to connect via USB instead? Any other options to connect to the IMac?