Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adaptor

Hi, trying to connect a 1TB portable SSD to my iMac using the mac’s Thunderbolt 2 connector using a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter (Apple own brand). Drive is not detected. Have checked all cables, drive will mount if I connect via USB A connector but I want the increased speed of Thunderbolt. Is this a power issue via the adapter?

Which exact version of the drive did you purchase?

The Mobile Pro SSD that has TB3 on it will not work without an actual TB3 connection on the computer. It cannot be adapted to TB2, the bus power required to provide power and data connection for the device requires TB3 built into the computer you are using.

The regular Mobile SSD R series unit that is USB 3.1 gen2 however can be used on USB as it is a USB device and not TB3.

Hi Rydia

I bought the GDrive Mobile SSD R series (1TB) that only has a TB3 connector so I guess that’s my problem. I’m a bit confused as I can use a USB ‘A’ converter lead supplied with the drive and that’s fine except I dont get the read/write speed I want for video editing.



The one you have is not TB3, the R series is USB 3.1 gen 2 and uses the Type-C connection. TB3 also uses the Type-C connection but it is NOT TB3. That is the reason why your adapter isn’t working because the unit is NOT Thunderbolt.

Only the Pro SSD model is TB3.

Many thanks Rydia, I’ve had a chat with the staff at the Apple store and will exchange for a Pro unit.