G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 not working with Time Machine


Ive recently bought a G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 6TB and connected it to the imac 27’’ 2019. When I connect the mac with the provided G-technology Thunderbolt cable to the Thunderbolt port on the G-drive I get strange behaviour with Time machine. The disks can be seen on the Mac without problems, I can write to it as well. Once Time machine starts backing up it randomly getting errors "cant write backup " and/or disk “disk not ejected properly” .
no errors on disk check found. unmounting re-partition and format ( mac os extended journaled ) didnt help either.
If I connect the same cable to the UBS-C port on the G-drive no problems at all,

Any ideas what this could be ?
Many thanks in advance


The TB interface on the drive could be an issue or the TB cable could be an issue over that interface specifically. Do you have any other TB3 cables you can try?


try resetting the SMC on your imac, worked for me (on a 21" 2019 imac). know, tho, that this drive never spins down; not a good design idea imho…