Daisy Chaining G Drives Not working

I need help to daisy chain G drives together, having some odd issues.

Using an 8tb G drive thunderbolt 3 raid and a standalone 8tb G Drive thunderbolt 3 but it doesn’t work properly as the raid drive powers up and down over and over and doesn’t mount. Both drives power on but it just doesn’t work!

Both have external power etc and i’m using the right cables to connect the two drives. Using a thunderbolt 3 cable to each drive then the 8tb using thundeerbolt 3 cable to the Mac. It just makes the 8tb drive power up, then down, then up over and over. Just weird.

Why doesn’t this work? See images attached to show what drives i am using.

I appreciate what you did.

I just want to say that I have same problem. I am not able to changing daisy chain G drives.