G-Raid 8TB Thunder Bolt 3 drive/ USB 3 ports are not working

Just received this new drive today with thunderbolt 3 ports. I can see the G raid no problem have the USB-3 cable and going from the USB 3.1 directly into my MBP 2016 15 inch with all 4 USB 3 ports. Latest one pretty much. My issue is the other USB-3 drives are not working to daisy chain anything. I tried my NEC monitor with Display Port to USB 3 cable which does work normally but not connected to the G raid. Also tried MBP power , a USB 3 hub and USB C Samsung portable drive to these two ports and nothing is working. Im backing up a huge amount of data right now. But not sure If I should use the the Computer Power to the USB 3.1 than use the USB 3 ports to connect the raid to the computer or what would be the best way this all works. i honestly don’t want to buy a hub and why I bought this because it gives me two hubs for other devices…

second question should a buy a display port to HDMI cable and connect my display that way. I have a very specific monitor a NEC 27 inch wide gamut. It has no HDMI port

You cannot daisy chain USB 3 drives into a TB3 connection. They share the same port on the newest MBP but they are not the same interfaces. TB3 only chains with other TB3. USB 3 is not the same.