Daisy Chain Two 8 TB G-Drives

If I remember correctly, to daisy chain two thunderbolt Drives is simply a matter of interfacing one of the drives with the computer (USB) and then connecting the 2 drives via Thunderbolt interfaces to the first & second drive? These 2 drives should be seen by the Apple OS, or do I need to interface the second drive with the computer or hub too?

I switched out the interface cable from the computer to the 2nd drive and the 2nd drive powered so I know it is working. But when they are daisy chained with the cable that came with the drives, the drive at the end of the daisy chain does not power up at all. Is there something I am doing wrong?

In order to daisy chain you have to maintain the same connection all the way through. Meaning the computer needs to connect to the drive via Thunderbolt and then you can connect another Thunderbolt device to the drive.

Hummmm, I’m looking at the back of the G-Drive with Thunderbolt and the cables that came with the drives. They are a Thunderbolt Cable / Cable Thunderbolt (as written on the G-Drive Instruction sheet), and the 2nd cable is a USB 3.0 A to B. Both interfaces are completely different on this cable. I can run the Thunderbolt cable from the 1st drive to the computer, and that makes use of the only Thunderbolt interface on the G-Drive. There is no way to daisy chain it with another Thunderbolt cable because there is no other Thunderbolt connection on the Drive #1. I can’t use the USB cable from Drive #1 to Drive #2 because the interfaces on this USB cable are different.

The only other option is to use the USB A to B Cable from either drive to connect to the computer, and then use the Thunderbolt Cable from Drive #1 to Drive #2. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. It powers up only the Drive that is interfaced directly with the computer.

There has to be a way to do this and not take up 2 Thunderbolt or 2 USB ports.

This is not working for me.
I have two G-Raid drives, both striped Raid 1, one 20tb the other 24tb(new). I have tried thunderbolt cable to computer and linking the two with another thunderbolt cable. only one shows up. (the one direct to computer) I have tried going directly thunderbolt on each drive to two ports on my computer and neither one shows up. I have tried thunderbolt between the drives and USB-C to the computer and the USBC doesn’t show up. HELP…this is why I bought the same type of drive.