G-DrivePro with Apple (Thunderbolt to USB-C) adapter?

Hi there,
I recently switched from Mac to PC and my PC doesn’t have thunderbolt but it have USB-C so I bought an Apple thunderbolt to USB-C adapter but Windows 10 still won’t show any driver.
Is there anything I have to install to make it work?

If it is formatted for Mac OS Extended (journaled) you need to reformat it for Windows.

I have a GRATHNB40002BAB. I used to have a iMac (2014) with an original Thunderbolt connection. I’ve sold my iMac but still have the GRaid 4TB drive that only has Thunderbolt connectors on the back.

I am currently using a Windows 10 machine with USB C connections or USB 3.0 connections. I am also using a brand new MacBook Pro with only Thunderbolt 3 connections.

Can anyone suggest where to find a cable (or adapter) that will allow me to use this older drive with either (preferable both) my Windows desktop or MacBook Pro.

Thank you…