Tried to splice my wd 4tb my book and now it only shows 2tb

I am just inquiring for some help to restore the drive to its factory state. Not looking for the software, but would like to be able to use all of the 4tb memory I purchased. Have three different pc’s to unload data and when I partitioned the drive it only showed half and the other half was still RAW and not registers in the disk management. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.

PS. Also trying to reformat my book to fat32 safely. Which is why I was trying to partition the drive in the first place.

Why on earth were you trying to format a NAS’s disk as FAT32??

one of the two hds I am trying to recover is from my old PS3. It crashed and I want to move all my old files to this new external.

Plus if you know of any other compatible os formats that  will work with PS3/PS4 and many new tvs it would be a great help

I think you’re in the wrong forum. This forum is for the My Book Live network-attached drive. It can’t be attached to a PS3.

Thanks Tony. Sorry for any inconveniece. Just looking for some help

What’s the model number of the device you have?  

In your subject, you say “My Book.”   I’m assuming that’s the older USB disk; the forum for those is here: