Formatting MyBook Live to Over Network

Today I bought a 1TB My Book Live to back-up my PS3.

Two Questions:

1: Can I partition the 1TB drive?

2: Can I reformat 1/2 the partition to FAT32, but larger than 32GB, for PS3 Backup over my network?

Thanks for any info in advance!

I didn’t even know one could back up a PS3 to anything other than a USB disk.  Are you sure you can back up to a NAS?

But to answer your questions:

  1.  No.

  2.  No. It’s a NAS.  It’s irrelevent what the internal format is (which is EXT4 format, by the way)

Thanks for the help, going to take it back to the shop and swap it for a USB drive then.

The sales team said that I could partition and change the formatting. (Sales tactics I think.)