Lightening struck MyBook - data recovery help

Hi everyone,

Tonight a lighting storm took out my routers phone line input (networking still works but internet doesn’t) and also my WD Mybook Live 3TB NAS. On the MyBook it took out the Ethernet port and the powesupply. I iliminated every option and concluded the ethernet port has been fried and that the drive also sounded like it was starting up fine once I replaced the power adapter.

In an effort to try and salvage the data I pulled the unit apart to find just a 3TB WD Green Series HDD and put the drive in a desktop PC hoping for good news. Unfortunately the desktop see’s the HDD as two partitions (E:) and (F:) when it was never partitioned and both are non-responsive with windows prompting to format.

I was hoping for some advice on what my next move should be to try to salvage my data. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There are multiple partitions but they are EXT3/4 format.  You need to be able to read that type of file system.

Use a program called Disk Internals Linux Reader for windows. I have used it on a 1TB MBL due to circumstances exactly like yours. It SHOULD support 3TB drives but not positive.

It worked!!! What a great feeling after spending a day thinking i had lost everything! I wonder now if the HDD can be reformatted and used in an internal capacity.