Transmission file


I accidently deleted the transmission app on mycloudex4 but as there is no access to the internet anymore i can not re-install it. Are these old transmission files still available, if so can someone paste a link. Is it then possible to do a manual install?

Hi @mitchellkivits,

Please refer to the below-mentioned link for detailed information: My Cloud OS 3: Dashboard Support For Your My Cloud is Changing Notice: My Cloud OS 3: Support Changing Notice in Dashboard

We request you refer below-mentioned link to connect the device to the computer:
How to Access a My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer: Access My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi Keerti,

Yes I realize I should update to os5 but my device EX4 is not supported.

And I do have it connected to my computer via my LAN so can access it.

In the past when my nas was able to connect to the internet it would
download the files required to run transmissionBT.

I would assume those file would still be available. Could you please
provide a link to those files so I can do a manual install

Many thanks


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