Transfer PR2100 > PR4100

Hi everyone

I’m considering updating my PR2100 to the PR4100. I use my 2100 currently for Plex streaming and personal storage. I would max out the 4100 with 40TB as currently I’m hitting a brick wall with needing to delete content regularly and just want to have the extra space. I also have security cameras recording to the NAS and the added space would be great for that too.

  1. What is the best way to transfer my >8TB content from one unit to the other? I’m pretty versed in SSH. I’d imagine it would be a set it and leave it scenario?
  2. Will all my apps and docker containers transfer? Are these stored on the drives or in the hardware?


I’m about 80pct sure you can simply boot the PR4100 with the disks of the PR2100 and you’ll recover all apps and containers.
Docker containers are stored on the drives in the /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/_docker directory.