Upgrading from EX2100-12TB (2x6) to PR4100-8TB

Hi all,

I have an EX2100 12TB (2 x 6TB) running in RAID0.
I’m getting a PR4100 8TB.

What’s the most effective way for me to upgrade installing my 2 x 6TB into the PR4100 without losing my data?


Oh ok nice that’s cool, thanks!
Will it preserve the users and their shared spaces?

What about the 8TB drive(s) that are going to be new clean ones? Just put the 8TB in after I’ve setup the 12TB?

Perfect thank you

That never worked I got a volume not accessible with error code 4.
Any help with this?

Is it possible to transfer data via ethernet having both plugged in?

That’s the issue it won’t let me scan as it doesn’t detect the volume so the buttons are greyed out

Ok thanks I’ve started a scan now of the volume under the utilities section. I’ll respond again with the results.

Thanks I’ll read the articles.
The scan came back with no errors found which is kind of great but at the same time annoying

As my current 2 x 6TB are in RAID0. Is there any specific slots I should put them in on my PR4100?
The article mentions in step 4 “Swap the hard drives from the original enclosure onto the replacement enclosure being sure to replace them in the correct drive bays”

Ok that’s fine, was how I did it the first time.
I gave it one more shot, I’ve deleted apps and redundant data and still didn’t work.

I’ve ordered a 14TB WD Red Pro (WD141KFGX) from here: https://www.ballicom.co.uk/wd141kfgx-.p1478328.html

Plan on transferring the data via ethernet.

Is it possible my drives are encrypted?

Am I able to run my 14TB as JBOD and then put in my 2 x 6TB into slots 2 & 3?
Then transfer the data from the 6’s to the 14?

Ok I’ll give that a go then, I’m in no rush so that will be fine. I can do chunks of data at a time rather than all in one go.

Is there a link to a guide or something on how to do the SSH? Just don’t want to mess it up, thanks again.

For some reason I’m getting a “Bad” health on my drives now. Have the 14TB as JBOD, volume 1, and the two 6TB as RAID0, volume 2.

How do I fix the bad health? The 14TB is brand new.

It came back with no errors found and still showed bad…

I decided to take the 14TB drive out so I could format the 6TB’s as JBOD from RAID0. That went well and they say good health. Plugged back in the 14TB and now that has become volume 3 and still shows bad health…

Why can’t we change the RAID settings based on volume?
I have the issue now that my original public share is now on volume 3 and renamed public_2…

If I remove the 6TB’s will this put my 14TB back as volume 1? Then I can plug the 6TB’s back in hopefully.

Thanks again for the help

It’s still copying my data from the 14 to the 6’s not sure how it will distribute the data.
Once it’s done I’ll take the 6’s out and format the 14