Transfer getting failed even after multiple attempts!


I am trying to copy 400gb of data i.e. movies from my external hard drive which is connected via usb on the back of MyCloud. For copying the folders I am using WD’s MyCloud app. But after trying multiple times also it is not happening, every time I get and error “failed”. Why is it happening so? If any one can help me in this…!!

I tried copying a single movie file and that got copied successfully but copying the whole library is giving me failed error.

Please help!

Thanks in advance


It is generally recommended, even mentioned in the My Cloud User Manual ( in Appendix C), that if you are going to transfer a large amount of data (User Manual uses 50GB or more) from a USB drive to the My Cloud; then connect the USB drive to your computer, connect your computer using Ethernet to the same router the My Cloud is connected too. Then use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy the data from the USB drive to the My Cloud.

One can “map” the My Cloud to their computer to make it easier to access the My Cloud. Mapping the My Cloud is explained in the User Manual, or at the following links.