Copying large quantities of files


Am I missing something here.  Is there a way to copy large volumes of files (1TB) onto a WD My Clound 4TB apart from via a network connection?

I plugged in an external HD to the WD and then had to copy via a networked PC about 1TB of files, it took days to complete.

Is there no way of plugging the WD into a laptop via USB and have it treated as a local drive?


the USB port on the mycloud is just for adding disks, it can’t be connected to a computer by USB

the general recomendation is to connect the USB disk to the computer and copy over the network to the mycloud.

you could try connecting the USB disk to the mycloud then using the WD mycloud app to do the copy, this should keep it on the mycloud but a lot of people have USB issues on the mycloud so it might not work


Thanks for the response. 

I’ve done this using the WD My Cloud app, still takes absolutely ages to copy file onto it.  Seems like it has to use the PC or tablets CPU to do the copying even though the WD and external HD are directly connected. 

I’ve had loads of WD disks over the years and they have all been great except this.  Can’t fault the quality but you do wonder when they designed it if they evisaged people copying lots of files onto the 4TB drive…

I also find that if you play a move from the the WD via a laptop, it has to download it first.  If you then go back and try watch again it has to re-download the whole thing again.

Really hope I can get a refund on this device as it seem to be useless.

Yes, as has already been mentioned, there is no way to speed up the copying of files.  Mine took several hours to copy over 900GB of data.  Just have to look at it as you’ll only likely have to do it once.

is the laptop local or remote? if remote i don’t know if there is an alternative and it is not really a WD issue but a plyer issue, if the player would start before the full file and cache files it would solve this, not sure if any do

if local you can use a DLNA client as long as the mycloud is configured for media sharing on this folder

The laptop was local, as in on the same domain.    Will have a look at the DNLA option as you suggest. 

I’m going to take it back because as I said, some folders appear for a bit then dissapear, that can’t be right.   

Must be a cloud storage on the market that allows for direct connection and also more reliability.  

This is the last WD product I wil ever buy.  

are you talking folders? or shares? do they come back on there own?

I doubt if any cloud storage offers a direct connection. relibility maybe better

you may just want a USB external disk, they will be much simpler then any NAS/cloud storage solution