Help needed moving content OFF MyCloud

I no longer want my data on MyCloud and would like to move all my data from MyCloud to a 4TB WD external USB hard drive. How can I do this? Thank you!


The “accepted” way to do it:

Mount the share on a computer, and attach your external drive. Start the copy process, and then go out to dinner, or the movies or something while it finishes.

The way I would go about it:

Turn on SSH on the mycloud. Attach the 4TB external drive to the USB port on the back of the mycloud. SSH into the mycloud and perform a local rsync between the volumes. (rsync is pretty smart. If the copy process times out or otherwise fails, you can restart it, and it will be able to figure out where it left off.) Sadly, IIRC, the mybook external drives have a virtual cdrom drive emulation thing they do, so that you never are without the driver disk. (yay.) This makes the MyCloud unhappy, so you have to manually mount the device, since the auto mounter can’t figure it out.

The “If all else fails” method of doing it:

Disassemble the housing of the mycloud with a plastic spatula, then remove the disk drive. Attach it to a SATA to USB connector, and connect it to a linux PC. Attach the target external hdd, and perform the copy.

Wierd_w, thank you. Could you possibly elaborate on the process of, “mounting the share on a computer and starting the copy process”?

On a windows PC:

Once the drive is mapped, then you connect the external USB drive to the PC, then just do the copy-paste operation to start the copy.

A thousand thank you’s! It appears, (after having to restart my computer to get the network drive to appear) that the copy process has started. Seriously, thank you! I’ll report back after it (hopefully) successfully copies to my external HD.

I’m assuming the transfer would be faster if I connected the laptop to the router via ethernet? Can I do that midstream?

No. Not mid-stream.

It will be slowed by the combination of the transport’s bandwidth (Wireless G is only 54 to 100ish megabits per second, and gigabit is of course, 1000 megabits per second) and the overhead used by the network protocol, along with any other traffic that might be using that bandwidth.

The transaction internally use IP addresses, so changing the physical connection mid-stream is not possible. (each network card will have a different IP address on the local subnet. As far as the mycloud is concerned, they are different remote computers. It has no way of determining this is not the case.)

You can stop and then restart it after putting it on a direct wired connection, but you cant do it mid-stream.