This PC subfolder locations to MYCLOUD


Please forgive my not-so-techy terminology. I bought by My Cloud maybe 8 months back and I’ve been very pleased with the service. I have used the hard drive mostly though a “local network connection”, which is what I would describe the computer access to the My Cloud hard drive though the file explorer “networks”, and not through WD’s online desktop app. Because of limited hard drive space on my computer I would like my My Cloud to become my new permanent cloud hard drive. Like OneDrive for example, that presents itself in file explorer making it easy to save files in that location. I am not interested in “syncing” which seems to be the big “utility” with the device. I don’t want two copies of my documents, files, music, ect. I want just one, one copy of my files on my My Cloud hard drive. Ideally I would like the sub files under “This PC” to have their locations permanently linked to the My Cloud hard drive through the internet, not through a local network connection, which I have tried before where the location looks something like //WDMYCLOUD/… I want to be able to save my work to my My Cloud anytime I have an internet connection by simply saving my work in my file explorer “Documents” sub file or “Music”. Any solutions to this inquiry would be greatly appreciated. I guess the minimum would be a “My Cloud” file location in file explorer (one that I don’t have to go searching for) where I could save files directly to my My Cloud (not sync) exactly like “OneDrive”. Thank you again for the help and time. Have a great day!

If you have not already done so you may want to read through the My Cloud User Manual ( to understand how the My Cloud works and use the various features of the My Cloud.

One can “map” a Share from the My Cloud to their local computer and that local computer for easier access. However this mapped drive is only accessible while on the local network or while using a VPN connection to the local network. See either the User Manual or the following WD Support document for more information on how to “map” a Share.

WD removed the capability to remotely map a Share from a remote My Cloud when they released the OS 3 firmware. Feel free to voice your opinions as others have on their decision at the following link.

There are other methods of remote access including using FTP/SFTP, SSH, the user portal, and the various WD My Cloud software and mobile apps. Most of them however will most likely not mimic mapping a Share in Windows File Explorer.