Saving directly to the MyCloud?

Hi all, Ive just bought a Mycloud and wanted to know if you can save directly to the device and if so how I can do this?

It seems like a complete pain to have to constantly re send the file to the mycloud everytime I create a new document?

All help appreciated! 

Are you talking about on a local network, or via remote connection?

Here is an example. I am at home on my desktop computer, on my home network. The test document is a word document.

What device are you using? What are you trying to save?

With SmartWare you can set up a continuous backup to your My Cloud.

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cat0w (USA)

Hi solram,

Yes, you can save directly to Shared Public Folders.

From my own personal experience I recommend only creating folders under Public Share if you are going to be copying to them directly.  After you make your direct copy folder map a network drive to this folder. Your new mapped network folder will be located near C: & D: drive. You can then add sub-folders to this Mapped Drive that is under the Public Folder.

I had issues if I made folders in the root of my My Cloud™ (same level as Pubic Shared, TimeMachine, User folders) and It messed up the last User Shared folder and placed it under Public Folder.  This is why I recommend only putting direct copy folder under Public Shared.

If you are wanting to send files remotely, you could Zip up multiple files in to a single Zip file and then drag that to yoru My Cloud drive using WD’s wd2go interface.  Then unzip the files later.

Let us know if you need to do this differently.


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Hi, Seb here, I had to make a new account as the email confirmation didnt work! hey ho.


Thanks for the replies, Im on a iMac.

I bought the MyCloud to act as a platform for my small business to access shared files and work from anywhere.  Our technial knowledge is fairly limited so what do I need to do?

Currently the device is set up and there are 3 users registered with it. All our files are in Public section of WD mycloud.  how do I save directly into this area?