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I recently bought the My Cloud EX4 and although i believe is a great appliance, i think it doesn’t count with a feature that i have found in other services such as Dropbox; in Dropbox i am able to create a dropbox local folder where i can save my documents straight to that folder and they are synchronized in real time. i can also do basic copy and paste, this feature is very efficient. My cloud on the other hand, allows me to upload documents, but it seems like the only way to accomplish this is to save the document to the computer and then i have to copy it and paste it to My Cloud. This is time consuming and to be honest i believe the WD engineers need to make sure a local folder can be accessed to avoid several steps. Perhaps this has been done already and i don’t know about it, but when i called the support number they told me this is not possible yet. Thanks for your reply.

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The My Cloud allows you to save files on the drive to be accessed in any other computer in or outside the network.

If you transfer files directly to the My Cloud they will be available on your computers and mobile devices.

For files to be shared on Dropbox they need to be saved on Dropbox as well. 

Thank you for your reply. I understand i can save documents and access them on any device, but what i am trying to do is save a document straight from the document’s save as options, for instance, if i am working on a word document and i click save as, i will see a new window where i can select from different folders, Dropbox being one of them, and save the document. If i save it to Dropbox, this document will be synchronized immediately, while with My Cloud i haven’t been able to save as, directly to my device. Moreover, i have to save the document to my computer and then from here copy it and save it to my cloud, all of this represents two or 3 additional steps on this process. i am trying to avoid my users having to go through all these steps specially because they are used to Dropbox, is this a solution you are considering for the near future?

Just curious Julian, have you mapped the drive to windows?  Once you map it you should have the ability to easily point to a specific share and save whatever file you want.  If you don’t map it then you can’t really see it like that.

Here’s what mine looks like…


You can’t map a remote drive. WD for whatever reason has made the EXT4 not compatible with WD2Go.

I hope they do soon!!!

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