Saving files back to EX4 from remote location after local work

Hello everyone,

I work remotely on files when I’m at home.   My Ex4 is at my office and I access the files using WD My Cloud App. 

Naturally I select the file in the app, it opens on my local computer.  I do the work and hit save.  The file is saved locally to the following location.

C:\Users(MYUSERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\com.wd.WDMyCloud\Local Store

Then I’m in the habit of saving a copy to my desktop for easy location, then dragging it back to the WD My Cloud App and into the original remote NAS folder.

Is there a simpler way of simply saving directly to the original NAS EX4 location?

This feels like it’s a total n00b question - but I haven’t found a direct Save to / Save as option.

How does one accomplish this?




What types of files are you trying to save directly to the Unit ? It would also be good to know if you get any error trying to copy the files. 

Thanks for your reply ArMak.  I work on typical business office file types:  doc, xls, msg, etc.  There’s not really a problem with saving, opening, uploading, or downloading.

My question really has to do with best practices when using the WD MyCloud app to work with files that are on a remote drive far away.  Since the drive is remote and not on the same network, naturally it doesn’t show up in a file explorer on the computer.  The shares and the files on the drive have to be accessed throught the WD MyCloud app.

So my scenario is this:  When I want to work on a file that’s on my office EX4 when travelling, I open it by clicking on it from the MyCloud app.  The file then opens locally on my laptop using the relevant program installed thereon - for example, a .doc file on the remote NAS opens on the local copy of Word.  No problem.

After editing the file, I can’t just press “save” in Word and have it saved on the NAS in my office.  Of course that makes sense.  Instead I have to save the newly edited file locally on my laptop.  Then drag it back into the share and upload it via the MyCloud App.

My question is… is that the only way to do it?   Is there some way that one can directly save to the remote NAS without all these steps?

I hope that was clearer.  Thanks for your help.



In my opinion i would normally copy the files and then after i edit them an save them copy them back to the unit, i have no tried to save them directly, but you could try it.

Actually, I practiced opening  a file, editing it and then just hitting save.  Although the ‘Save as’ location is on my local computer, I notice after just selecting ‘Save’ a notificaiton ‘Syncing files’ displays in the top right of the WD MyCloud app screen. 

After reopening the file from the remote NAS, the changes are successfully recorded - which makes sense. That’s how cloud saving is supposed to work.  But I just haven’t seen any documentation or description of this function.

I just want to know more about how the save function works when accessing the NAS remotely.   Why isn’t there more documentation on this?  Please share if you have a link or other information.

Thanks everyone.

You could easily open the NAS share as a shared drive on your local computer and then save directly to that.

Thanks skiwi.  So how would I open the NAS share (located on my EX4 at my office, separate location and network) as a shared drive on my local computer (at home, different location and network)?  I appreciate any guidance.