My Cloud setup for offline like Dropbox?

Hey All,

I have a PC at our home and I use a notebook in the office. I want to come up with a solution for syncing the files and documents between these machines. Dropbox would be the simpliest solution, but I am concerned with the privacy and security part. So I thought of buying a WD My Cloud hard drive, set it up at home, and use it for storing and sharing files. 

However this way I can only access the files if the My Cloud drive and I are also connected to the internet, otherwise not. This is why Dropbox seems better, because that saves the files on each device, so you can you them when you are not connected to the web, and when you are connected then everything will be synced. Is there a way to use this My Cloud drive like this? Or if not WD, then maybe some other vendor’s product? Lacie, Synology, etc…

Thanks a lot

Hello therussian, currently there is no way for you to sync the files with the My Cloud. 

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