How can I sync files accessed while away from home on ym cloud and save the change can be synced back to the hard drive of my computer

I have the exact same question.  I know there are several programs out there that you can purchase that do that and there are some free ones, but I don’t know how good they are.  WD has the Smartware program for backing up, but what about us who want to be able to access the files from remote locations and even work or other computers and then get them synced back to our own computer at home, do we have to go out and buy one of those programs or does WD have the solution already available?

At this moment this is not supported out-of-the-box by the WD My Cloud. However, some advanced Users have been able to add said functionality via SSH.

I do this from my Android - it works “out of the box” as they say.  Maybe you’re asking about something else?

I have never tried this so I have no details

In Windows there is an option to make a network share available offline so I assume it would copy any changes on the network (mycloud) share to the PC

Perhaps you should look at sharing your  MyCloud drive within your own LAN. See my post here…