OwnCloud Client


I would like to keep my owncloud files synced/stored on my WD MyCloud so I can access my files from any computer of the network even when the internet connection is down.

Installing the owncloud client on every computer at home is not what Im looking for.

Insted, I would like to install the owncloud client on my WD MyCloud, so all the computer at home can have instant access on my files, and only accessible with my credentials(I know how to impliment the security stuff, I’ve just mention it, so you can have a general overview of my idea).

If thats possible… it will affect my wd’s performance?

Please be aware that such modifications or add-ons are not supported by Western Digital. I am not aware if this has been tested, but I’m sure an advanced user may have some advice. SSH will most likely be required though.

It looks like it would be pretty straightforward…

  1. You would need to map your MyCloud drive (I’m assuming you have it attached to your LAN) to one of your PCs as a drive letter. In the Windows Explorer go to “Tools” and then “Map network drive”. Select  your MyCloud device and attach it to a letter such as “Z:”  You should now be able to view your MyCloud files in the Windows Explorer by clicking on the Z: drive.

  2. You would need to install the OwnCloud client on your PC. Then use that client to set up synchronization between your OwnCloud account and the Z: drive on your PC.

Any changes you make to files in your OwnCloud while on the road (ie from your phone) will automatically be synced to the Z: drive (so long as that one PC is still on). If that PC was off while you were away from home then the minute you turn your PC back on the files from OwnCloud will be synced to the Z: drive (ie to the MyCloud drive).

All other PCs on your LAN would then have access to the synced files on the MyCloud drive.

I totally understand what you’re saying, it will work great when Im at home. What happens when Im not? Like at uni? No drive will be mapped, where my files will be stored? I already thought that, and it doesnt covers my needs.

So, to sum up. What Im asking for, is not possible?

From my standpoint you have to options. Either you go into the drive using ssh and install ownCloud (voiding the warranty) or, you have a look to the wd2go site which allows you to execute a java applet letting you create a network drive to your folder.
For the first option there are several tutorials in this site - haven’t tested them though - and you follow the steps. People seem to be happy with this solution.
For the latter option, I have tested outside my house -at work - and it just works. Not flashy speed, but works.

Hope it helps.

As bit Jammer mentioned, you can enable remote access and map drives (as long as you have internet).

Alernatively, you can use “SyncToy” from Micrsoft. I use it when I don’t have internet connectivity (like travelling or on the road) and I want to work on my folders and sync everything when I connect at home.

i don’t sync everything, I don’t have 3TB on my laptop :slight_smile: . Just the documents (folder/s) that I need for work and private. You can shecdule it or sync anytime you get home.

EDITED: corrected usage.