WD mycloud Sync on external network

Hello everyone,

I just bought a personal Could (as it is known on the site) WD MyCloud and downloaded all the necessary software (WDmycloud, WDSmartware …).

As a first backup, I plugged the WD My cloud directly to my PC by Ethernet cable to sync a partition of my pc using the WD smartware software, when finished  I took the WD My cloud to another place in another network and plugged it to internet to the internet my BOX. and tried programming the remote syncronisation with my pc but the WD Smartware software has not detected the cloud, while the WDmycloud software was able to detect and download files.

Finally, is it possible to sync a PC which is running the WD Smartware software with the WD MyCloud that is connected to another network.


not possiable in an easy supprted configuration at least, the only easy chance would be to use the wd2go.com site to map a share however this is very slow and seems to have file size issues, so I don’t concirer this a real option

some people have exposed the mycloud on the internet and used other backup solutions. I don’t recomend this or recall the details