Sync local folder (lost in all discussions)

Hi there,

Im trying to find answer to my question reading all related post, but only got confused and not really finding the steps I need.

 I want to sync (on file change) local folder between two or more laptops using My Cloud and apparently some syncing software. What I have is 4GB MyCloud. I have  Goodsync and WD Smartware Pro installed on windows 8.1 laptop. I prefer syncing with Goodsync as more advanced tool. 

How I do it?

I have shared a local folder using WD smartware, but looks like the syncing is active only when the  laptop is connected the same network as the WD Mycloud and that doesnt work for me. WD swartware is not functioning remotely(My cloud device is not showing up, only Dropbox) . Is that so or Im missing something? 


Hello grigortopev and welcome to the WD Community,

At least WD Smartware, needs to be on the same network as the drive in order to perform the backup. If the laptop is on a different network or workgroup, the Smartware wont be able to see the drive.

See if the following link helps.