Theme info / questions

so new to the SMP here

can anybody point me in the right direction for theme info

it seems there’s very little info on here about how WD implemented themes and what’s required for them to work

already have the legacy theme downloaded

more specifically

I noted the legacy theme had 400+ xml’s

but a user theme I downloaded only had 75

does anybody know exactly how this has been implemented

is it correct that, we only need to edit the xml’s desired

and whatever xml’s we don’t provide in the theme, does is still use the default xml’s

also I tried to upload

an edited theme to my SMP and got the message

“invalid file. Please correct file”

from what I could tell, it’s just a standard zip, that’s what I tried to upload

in the meta.xml, I see an entry for theme id ??

also the user manual talks mentions a “.theme” file, which I could not find any other references on

You only have to add the xml’s & images that you are editing, the rest is filled in by the default theme.

The zip file has to be under 30MB, and you do have to include the “meta.xml” or it will not upload.  The id is only for if you upload it to the WD server, which no one really does.

The .theme folder is only for the HUB, not the SMP.  The HUB has an internal HDD and the themes are stored there for it.  Themes on the SMP are stored in the flash and you can only upload one theme at a time (the default theme is hardcoded and can not be deleted).

If you are going to attempt to create a theme, you will need the OSD (Mochi theme), because the Legacy theme is incomplete.  You can get the OSD from here:

By the way, if you are just trying to edit a theme, just open it up with your zip program (this works for WinZip).  Then instead of extracting the files, editing them and re-zipping it, just click on the xml in the zip to open it, then edit it the way you want.  Click “File/Save” then click back on your zip program.  It should then ask you to Update the zip file, updated it then you can upload it the the SMP.

Same for images, just copy them directly to the zip.

@Tinwarble, that’s all usefull info, thanks

just replacing the .xml inside the already zipped file worked, but I wonder why the zip created with 7zip did not work??

I guess I’ll just have to play with it a bit

anyways for now, I’m undecided on if I should do a full theme

here’s what I did for one of the previous units (live or live plus)