How do I access the xml on my Live SMP?

Hi all,

I have just started to experiment with creating moviesheets but would like to move on to creating my own theme. I have the basics of .xml editing etc and have read many posts regarding what areas of each xml file does what.

I have downloaded the basic Mochi theme from the web and edited it - it will not upload as my SMP web interface says the file is too large.

So my questions are…

  1. Am I doing something wrong when trying to upload my new zip file?

  2. How can I access the xml files that are on my SMP at the moment? ie, download them straight from my SMP.

  3. Can I upload just a single xml file or do I need to upload a complete set of zipped files.

Sorry if these topics have been covered before - I have read so many posts the past few days my head hurts!



1)  There is a 30MB file size limit  *

  1. No   **

3)  Whenever you edit a single XML file … you need to zip it at “Root” level and also include a meta.xml using NO Compression (or “Store” option in your zip program)

eg. This theme edit i did for another person only has 2 XML files (zipped at root level)



* There is Custom Firmware to by-pass this … Post questions at the link below

(No custom firmware discussion allowed here on the Official WD Forum)

** Telnet / SSH access possible with custom firmware (same link above)