I apologize if this has been answered. I tried looking through the forum and googled for answers. I really like how XBMC looks and feels and noticed these themes here. i wanted to know if they will work with my 3 day old WD TV LIVE device I recently purchased. I am still learning and hope to have it themed. I look forward to your constructive responses.

every live hub theme I have tried on my SMP has worked just fine


So I don’t need the LIVE HUB version? The WD TV LIVE will work fine?

depends on what exactly you want to do

the live does have some limitations due to no internal hdd

HI, ok i tried this thing here  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes/Easiest-Way-to-Install-Themes/m-p/427664/highlight/true#M8308 but still i cant apply the theme… can anyone tell me the procedure or if i must reset my device to apply this things? i have the latest firmware on my  WD TV Live (WDBGXT0000NBK), 1.15… thanks :slight_smile:

edit it doesnt matter if isnt the legacy theme! any theme with imdb ratings will do!

at what point are you having difficulty

are you able to log into the webend interface?

does it give you an error message?

which theme did you try

as long as the zip file was correctly created

it’s as simple upload it to SMP

all works fine but after the upload the theme doesnt apply correctly just changes a little bit the menu and thats all! and when go into setup-appearance-theme it doesnt display correctly the theme i just upload, i mean it displays it like the default theme. i tried, the legacy theme from that thread  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Themes/Legacy-Theme/m-p/366519/highlight/true#M6339 joeysmyth answer, second link.

And one more question if finally i change theme eventually, i will take the firmware updates just like before?

The WD " Legacy" Theme is pretty much the same as the WD Default “Mochi” theme …

except for the more use of the color BLUE instead of ORANGE

i didnt knew that then it displays it correctly but its the same and into the movies? it doesnt use imdb rating? nothing changes except the colour? because the only thing its changes to me is the colour and the backround. can you suggest me a theme with imdb ratings and different appearance of movies? and finally if i change the theme i will take the firmware updates just like before?

IMDB rating metadata display is currently not supported in Live Hub or SMP Firmware.

If you want IMDB rating display you will have to use a “Moviesheet” Theme to display it.

Firmware updates are supported by most user themes …

if it is not, then just change the Theme back to the Mochi(Default) theme to perform the update

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thanks, is that need a different procedure, i thought that themes do the same is not, i need just a moviesheet theme?