The new 10TB WD RED PRO NAS HARD DRIVE compatibility with PR4100?

Are the new 10TB WD RED PRO NAS HARD DRIVE going to be compatible with the PR4100???

Yes why wouldn’t they be compatible?
It’s a SATA 6Gb/s connection like the others.

I can confirm that the brand new 10TB Red and Red Pro drives are compatible with all My Cloud products! :blush:

We’re even shipping a pre-configured 40TB My Cloud Pro PR4100 here with the 10TB Red drive!


I am about to purchase a PR4100. I am glad to see that it now accepts 10GB drives. I know you save a bit by purchasing the package deal but I think I am going to purchase an empty box and two 10GB drives around Christmas time and then perhaps in a month or two I will purchase two more 10GB drives. I have some questions: 1) is there any problem with this strategy? 2) I know before that the PR4100 accepted only up to 8GB drives. Are the boxes that accept the 10GB drives different from the ones that accepted the 8GB drives? If they are what do I look out for when I purchase my PR4100 that I want to put 10GB drives in? Or is all that is needed is a firmware update to make it compatible? OR could it perhaps be the drives themselves that are different? If so then what drives do I look out for?



Ugh! Thanks for the catch. I certainly did mean 10tb. Lol