Can EX4100 Handle WD RED 10TB Drives?

Can EX4100 Handle WD RED 10TB Drives?

I know the website and documentation says capacity is 0/8/16/24/32TB. Assuming this means all the drives are the same, so 4 times xx = total capacity.

This NAS Drive was made before they came out with the 10TB drive.

Not sure if this can be increased by the Firmware or it is a hardware issue. I’ve email WD Customer support, but have not gotten a reply all week.

Thank you

Saw this reply in another thread from WD Staff Member … AlexJ_WD

I can confirm that the brand new 10TB Red and Red Pro drives are compatible with all My Cloud products.

Source Link : The new 10TB WD RED PRO NAS HARD DRIVE compatibility with PR4100?

I appreciate your time and effort in responding. I really don’t like that they use the blanket term of “all”! Also the website that describes the capacity of the EX4100 still says maximum capacity is 32TB. If the EX4100 truly can handle the new 10TB drives, it should be corrected or added 40TB capacity. I’m only being very specific because I don’t want to invest $1,300 for 4x 10TB only to find out they are not compatible and then WD says "the website says maximum capacity is 32TB, not 40TB, sorry.

Did you end up buying the 10TB drive yet? I was wondering the same thing

No I did not. Long story: One of my 4x 4TB drives went bad and the RAID was degraded. I was able to get all my information off all the drives. I replaced with a new 4TB and loaded all my files back on. About 2 days later (2) TWO other drives failed and I lost everything. I returned the drives for replacement and I am seriously considering a different company’s NAS and a different company’s 10TB drives. Or maybe some external hard drives and just backup files on my own.

Hello MYorrie
I use 4 drives WD Red 10 (5400 rpm) on my WD EX4100
No problem

I am doing it now